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Ultrasonic bag making machine ultrasonic plastic welding equipment advantages advantages
Ultrasonic bag machine equipment advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding advantages: welding speed, high welding strength, good sealing; replace traditional welding / bonding technology, low cost, clean pollution and will not damage the workpiece; welding process is stable, all welded parameters can be monitored by tracking software system, once it is easy to find fault exclusion and maintenance. Advantages of ultrasonic metal welding welding material does not melt, not fragile metal properties. After soldering, good conductivity, the main component of non-woven products resistivity low or almost zero. Low demand for welding metal surface, oxidation or plating can be welded. Welding time is short, without any flux, gas, solder. No welding sparks, environmentally safe. Ultrasonic metal welding applicable products NiMH batteries NiMH batteries nickel mesh with each melt nickel plate and nickel plate each melt. Lithium batteries, polymer batteries each melt copper and nickel plate, aluminum foil and aluminum mutual melting.