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Express Bag making machine
Courier bags classified courier bags, courier documents envelope, courier bags, and so on.

This time we focus on delivery under plastic bags and courier bag making machine.
1. courier bags material: low density polyethylene (LDPE) PE usually say, high density polyethylene (HDPE) usually say PO, courier bags with low cost, light weight, and so on.

Differences between PE and PO in express bags: PE transparency, flexibility and good printing color; the PO has good mechanical properties; domestic courier bags are used as main material, PE, and abroad are used like PE, PO combined courier bags primary materials. 

2. our domestic courier bags style, probably can be divided into two. Courier bags, there are ordinary, broad application delivery brands such as yuantong Express, shentong Express, yunda Express, daily express and so on.



Another is with transparent waybill courier bags, bags, Shun Feng Express, DHL Express.
According to these two bags, red machine into two kind of  courier( express) bag making machine, General courier bag making machine he Shun Feng express bag making machine. According to spray machine is connected on the bagging machine, piece and split again.

If you are separated, need a spray rewinder and courier bags main motor.

Refer to the following diagram:

Express bag guling machine Express bag making machine

NO.39.PJ系列瑞机喷胶收卷机 含纠偏 (2) - 副本.jpgRFQ系列热切制袋机.jpg

Express bag making machine(guling machine) Express bag making machine( with pocket)