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Quality Commitment
1, in strict accordance with contract requirements, design standards to provide consistent, quality, qualified products;
2, strict inspection and quality control of raw materials into the plant;
3, to ensure improved processing technology for equipment, detection means complete, the products not manufactured with a defect;
4, if the equipment defects than the standards stipulated in the contract for the parties unconditionally replaced. In the process of installation and commissioning, equipment, quality problems, in clarifying the responsibility, progress needs to meet all the criteria;
5, for the supply of equipment in the manufacturing, transportation, loading and unloading the insured in the event of an accident, we will demand for the equipment request for a free replacement as soon as possible;
6, if successful, this commitment if the letter will become an integral part of the contract, the contract and has the same legal effect.
1, in a timely manner to be provided to all contract specifications and drawings, technical information, quality records, quality documents;
2, the time-demand request for technical services to the scene to guide the need for side by side with technical information and drawings of the installation;
3, the strict implementation of supply and demand sides held a meeting on the issue or the minutes of the agreements;
4, according to the contract shall be the party holding the equipment installation, commissioning, use, maintenance technology, business training courses;
5, to strengthen pre-sales, service, the "24 hour service," "advanced services", "whole process", "life-long service" implementation in manufacturing, installation, commissioning and overhaul of the whole process;
6, received a demand-side response to the quality of information, within 24 hours to reply or send service personnel arrived at the scene as soon as possible, so that users are not satisfied with the quality, the service does not stop;
7, ready to meet the demand side of the spare parts requirements;
8, no matter the circumstances, we will not make things difficult for any reason, the demand side, good coordination and service work;
9, should the successful bidder, the commitment letter will be become an integral part of the contract, and the contract are equally efficient.